How to Fix Xbox 360 e74 Issues – You Can Do The Repairs Yourself and Be Playing Again In No Time


how to fix xbox 360 e74 issues

One of the most common issues you get on the Xbox 360 is when you turn it on and see the subsequent message seen on your screen.

“E74. System Error. Write to Xbox Customer Support.”

If you get in touch with Microsoft to fix this problem they will inform you to return it to them and it will take four to six weeks to get your unit back, not to mention the price of the repair. The great news is you can learn how to fix xbox 360 e74issues yourself.

Here is how.

#1 Flip your console off. Take away the power cord and allow it cool off completely. Once the xbox is completely cool switch it back on again. This is can usually resolve the matter in many cases. If it does not head to step 2.

#2 Flip the power off and remove any controllers, hard drives and power cords from the unit. Leave it off and then once the xbox has powered down and cooled down flip it back on. Do not connect anything other than the power and monitor cable. If it works now it is either the controller or disk drive or other accessory. If this doesn’t work head to step three.

#3 If the preceding steps have not worked you’ll be able to repair the xbox yourself. You’ll fix this issue with no technical expertise. All you will need is a repair guide that shows you step-by-step a way to repair this.

A good repair guide can demonstrate with video and audio directions how to carry out an Xbox 360 repair for the E74 Problem, whether or not you do not know one finish of a screwdriver from another. You’ll be able to try this in but an hour and get your xbox operating once more in no time.

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