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In this video I will show you how to repair a broken left or right bumper on your Xbox One controller:

There is always the potential that something can break on an Xbox One Controller. One of these items that can break quite easily is the Left Bumper (LB) or Right Bumper (RB), aptly named the bumpers on the Xbox One Controller. When the bumpers on an Xbox One Controller break, it requires opening of the controller (watch my videos on how to open an Xbox One Controller here: )Once you are able to open the controller and access the buttons it is a lot easier to fix.

There are two potential ways to fix an Xbox One Bumper when it breaks. You can either buy new casing or fix your Xbox One Controller bumper by gluing the pieces back together. Depending on the condition of your button, you can go with either one.

Here is how you can repair a bumper that has broken by using Super Glue or Gorilla Glue:

What You’ll Need:

– A broken Xbox One Left Bumper (LB) or Right Bumper (RB)
– Super Glue
– Patience

What You Need to do:

Step 1: Remove the broken bumper from the Xbox One Controller. Don’t know how to open a controller? Check this out:
Step 2: Remove the broken bumper piece from the Xbox One Controller
Step 3: Put super glue on top of the area where we will conect the bumper and the broken piece of the bumper
Step 4: Slowly place the broken piece of bumper on the glue
Step 5: Hold the glued piece in place for 60-90 seconds
Step 6: Place a very thin layer of clue around the outside of the cracks to secure the piece in place (see tip below – don’t put on too much!)
Step 7: Allow to try
Step 8 (optional): Test!

Tips and Tricks:

– Don’t put too much glue on the broken bumper piece as this may prevent the piece from fitting back in to the controller
– Make sure the super glue has plenty of time to dry (10-15 minutes after you hold the piece together)
– If you’re looking to get a new color controller, this is a great time to do it. You can buy tons of cool controller cases here: [link to amazon search]
– Be careful with super glue. There is a reason it is called Super Glue!
– You can test to see if your bumper is working by putting on the circuit board with the LB and RB bumpers and the front of the shell. Clip on the bumper and you should be good to go!

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**All shooting and post-production performed on an iPhone 6 Plus (64gb) using iMovie for iOS**

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  1. Do you know how to fix the bumper on a Covert Ops controller? It seems to be different, and I can't get to the broken piece beneath the Home button.

  2. this actually worked thank you. I also cleaned it while it was in there.

    the only difference for me is that I put super glue in the button piece and glued it to my controller

  3. Do you have advice or a video on what to do for when the usb like port on the bottom of the controller is broken? I have TurtleBeach XO Ones and im not getting any sound. Tested the headphones on other devices and they work fine but once i plug them back into the adapter piece, that came with it, into the controller i get nothing. It appears to be loose on the inside of the controller.

  4. For people who have a LB or RB that clicks, but only works if you press it way too hard:
    Saw this here in the comments, didnt believe it, but still tried

    Open the 2 pannels on the back. After you've done this, hold the trigger so it will make some space to your bumber. Now blow very hard in that hole. Believe it or not, it worked for me. Must've been too much dust/dirt there…

    Reply with a confirm if it worked for you too, so people can see.

  5. mines broken/loose in a different way than shown in the video. my right bumper keeps popping out on the right side. The left side of the bumper still holds it in and clicks/registers, it's just annoying when it pops out. any idea how to make it stay in?

  6. Anyone know if you can replace the Forza edition controller's LB (left-bumper) button with a standard Xbox One black LB button? My Forza controller's LB button has started to come loose and I'm thinking of just buying a replacement black XB1 LB button and seeing if it will work as taking my controller apart and gluing the LB button back together (if it's broken) will probably just result in the thing breaking again down the line…

  7. great video very informative you really made it easy step by step instructions unfortunately… I'm stupid so I'm going to go ahead and buy another controller great video still tho

  8. My RB isn't responding anymore but I still hear a clear clicking noise like before, it also happened from one moment to another, is it broken or just a weird bug or something from windows 10 itself idk?

  9. my controller fell off the table, and the LB Button wouldn't work, I thought i was going to have to buy a new one but i watched this video and realised the LB is on a little axle. So I ran my finger across the top and it felt like it was slightly pushed in above where that axle would be. I grabbed it and wiggled it and pulled at it and the button snapped back into place and is working perfectly again.

  10. it didn't I did everything you said to do and held the pice of. the rb for 90 second and then I puts some extra glue around the outside of the rb button to ensure. that it wouldn't. brake but it didn't work

  11. Hey can someone help me on how my elite controller LB button is in tact like I can press it and everything, but when I do it does not register sometimes and I have to press it hard to register> If any responses thanks!

  12. For me I'm trying to click the RB and it not clicking right the sound is different than the LB and it's really annoying and I don't want to buy a new controller over something stupid like this please help.

  13. These controllers are complete crap. My controller, my friend Andrews controller along with his brothers controller LB button broke. When Andrew got the elite and his LB eventually broke in about the same time the one did with the original controller. I don't want to pay $60 or even $150 for the elite if it's just going to break. For the price their asking these controllers should not easily break, especially the elite controllers. They test these products durability before the sell it to consumers, and know they are overpricing a product not worth its price. Sadly we are forced to purchase and re-purchase hardware that is meant to take abuse. Not to mention Microsoft is the only option we have to purchase our controllers. since other company's do not pride themselves on quality. But tend to cater the casual/younger audience.

  14. My bumper doesn't look like yours, are there differents types of controllers ? Cause mine is broken, but I don't really know which part of it is broken, I just know it's the one that make it hold to the controller

  15. My controllers rb button doesn't work so I opened it up and the buttons look completely fine like they're still perfect. Any suggestions?

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