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There are several “Pokemon GO” tricks that have been discovered. One of the most popular is evolving the Pokemon Eevee. Most “Pokemon GO” players are familiar with the Rename method to evolve Eevee by choice. But aside from the Rename trick. There’s also another way to evolve Eevee into an Umbreon and Espeon.

Evolving Eevee requires 25 candies. So players should make sure that they have enough candies before evolving. According to a report from EuroGamer, “Pokemon GO” players must first make Eevee as their buddy Pokemon and walk 10 kilometers then collect at least 2 candies. Before evolving, players should make sure that the chosen Eevee is still set as the buddy Pokemon.

Evolving Eevee into the chosen evolution is easy after the first 2 steps are already done. If the “Pokemon GO” player wants to evolve Eevee into an Umbreon, evolve Eevee during the night time between 6:00 PM and 3:59 AM. And if the player chose Espeon, the evolution process should be done during the daytime between 4:00 AM and 5:59 PM.

Several “Pokemon GO” players claim that the game does follow the local time zone. So the only way to determine the current time is by looking at the in-game screen. If the in-game music and display are in night mode, then it’s considered as night time. The same scenario goes for the day time.

The Rename evolution method in “Pokemon GO” is much easier compared to the first trick. According to Pokemon GO Pocket, players should only rename their Eevee to Pyro, Rainer, Sparky, Sakura and Tamao to evolve it to Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon and Umbreon respectively.

In “Pokemon GO” Flareon is a Fire-type Pokemon, Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokemon, Jolteon is a Lightning-type Pokemon, Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokemon and Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon. Doing the Eevee Rename trick for the first time will have a 100 percent success rate. But players should take note that the Rename trick will somehow fail the first evolution has been made.

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