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By Allan , Updated Mar 31, 2017 07:13 PM EDT
Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus: Gilgamesh Boss Fight (1080p)

A guide for “Final Fantasy 15” players how to defeat Gilgamesh in the game and unlock the Genji Blade.
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In “Final Fantasy 15” DLC Episode Gladiolus, players will have to defeat Gilgamesh, the final boss in the dungeon. This isn’t the first time he is introduced in a “Final Fantasy” game as he has been included in the previous installments but just in different forms. Gilgamesh usually looks like the typical swordsman who thinks too highly of himself but he’s different in this game. He is a legendary swordsman that’s determined to kill anyone who fights him.

So in this DLC, Gladiolus is the assigned to do the job and fight Gilgamesh according to Gamerant. And to make the work easier for players, this article will guide them through the story. From preparing for the battle to claiming the rewards upon finishing the quest.

How to Defeat Gladiolus

To prepare for the fight, make sure Gladiolus pick up all the items loitering in the dungeons according to VG247. Regenerating health is not going to be easy in this story as none of the player’s existing items are accessible in Gladiolus’ DLC. As the battle begins with Gilgamesh, players will see him glow in red occasionally. During these times, his attacks cannot be blocked so players need to get out of his way or dodge his attacks. When Gladiolus’ rage level goes up, the damage he will cause to Gilgamesh will be massive so make sure he gets hit in every attack.

How to Defeat Gilgamesh for the Second Time

After defeating Gilgamesh, he will be revived and he’s going to be much stronger. Any successful hit he throws at you will cause a big health loss so be careful. Player’s must make sure each attack they throw will not miss because it may cause them the fight. When the player finally wins the game, it will unlock many new bonuses in the game including the Genji Blade, Dual master Glaive Art and a trailer episode for the upcoming Prompto DLC. This new DLC is scheduled for release in “Final Fantasy 15” this coming summer.

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