How technology has positively or negatively affected the way we communicate


The rapid advancement of technology in the 21st century has impacted all of us, in terms of business and our relationships with each other as human beings. We are able to communicate with each other no matter what the distances between us across the globe. The time intervals between when I inititate a conversation and get a response has been reduced to seconds, thanks largely to emmergence of the internet and mobile technology.

In the area of business, which largely depends on accurate information in a timely manner, this development comes very handy as they are able get data across any distance through email and web applications in seconds. This means that they are able to make decisions quiet quickly to take advantage of the opportunities available in their various markets.

The development of mobile technologies such the smart phone and social media has made it even more interesting, with users becoming more and more mobile in the way they stay in touch with business partners, family and friends. Virtually major mobile manufacturing companies like Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Apple have smartphones that are able to connect to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and recently, Pinterest.

These phones have relatively great computing power to hand multi-tasking functionalities. The perform the function of a phone and computer, featured with email and browsing functionalities.

This have led to really positive developments in terms of the way families are able to keep in touch. Relationships have also become more interactive as couples are able to have access to a portable device that helps them to stay touch whenever they want to.

Businesses have also reduced travelling costs by using video conferencing instead of traveling long distances to have a meeting, reduced marketing costs by using web marketingSearch Engine Optimization and transferred information in a more efficient manner hence helping them to better leverage the overall business strategy to their advantage.

This however, has got its down sides both in terms of businesses and relationships. Businesses have had to lay some people off because of the availability of some of these technologies. Couples who want to cheat have found this development a real opportunity to do so.

This technological advancement is far from what we used to have 20-30 years ago, which largely depended on telephone lines, fax machines, post offices for communication. Now even some of these fax machines come with email functionality, i.e. fax to email, combined with copiers and printers (capable of printing the emails as soon as they come in).

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