How LANDesk Can Help With PC Security


Now LANDesk Security Suite allows you to minimize network downtime and protect critical data, by almost instantaneously implementing security patches by using its active single console security management system. Utilize antivirus enforcement, quarantine, threat remediation, computer access restriction and more, to take complete control of endpoint security.

Stop Unprotected and or Infected Systems from Connecting

Now you can stop unprotected and or infected systems from connecting to your network system and also simultaneously provide protection for your business resources from connected systems that become infected while using your systems by way of “Trusted Access Technology” by LANDesk.

Patented Gateway Technology Only With LANDesk Solutions

You will only find Management Gateway Technology with LANDesk solutions. With this patented technology you can effectively manage your systems security on the Internet and by the way, this also includes users outside the parameters of your firewall in remote locations on the Internet. It allows you to quickly and expediently execute antivirus enforcement, patch antispyware and perform security threat management and block applications.

Easy and Simple Internet Connection

What’s more, virtually all Gateway technology contained in LANDesk is implemented by way of an easy and simple Internet connection. Understand that this means that no VIP or dedicated lease line is required. It really doesn’t get more simple and effective than that.

But Wait! – There’s Even More

Also high frequency and standard vulnerability scanning allows you to expediently identify application patch, OS and antivirus needs contingent entirely on your on your own level of needs and detail. A threat analyzer allows you to accurately identify configuration risks. Also custom scans allow users to define the exact conditions that were scanned for.

Gourd Your Systems in Real Time

With LANDesk Security Suites antispyware you can guard your systems in real time and it’s the result of the LANDesk data-base of key loggers, Trojans and other various malware. LANDesk technology also allows you to contain access to your network only to IP addresses, authorized networks and block communication with specific networks and controlled access to disc drives, ports and modems and communication channels.

Contained Antivirus Measures

Contained anti-virus measures allow you to manage your McAfee, Sophos, Norton, Trend-Micro or Symantec antivirus solution directly from your LANDesk Security Suite console. Additionally, you also have the option of enabling and configuring an XP 2 firewall from the console as well.

Assess Patch Needs and OS Applications

Assess patch needs and OS applications with the assistance of LANDesk Security Suites extended patch management. Also expediently research automatic patch distribution and maintenance. Also Targeted Multicast technology contained allows you to expedite patch deployments to multiple targets, while at the same time minimizing bandwidth required for total network traffic. All this with no required router or hardware reconfiguration.

Maintain Perfect & Secure Configurations

Keep and maintain perfect secure configurations with LANDesk Suite’s roll based policy based and administration tools. With them it is only you and you alone who can change your corporate security guidelines and policies with baseline configuration capabilities. Its reporting capabilities also include spyware reports, security policy and trend graphs. Also the LANDesk Executive Dashboard allows IT executives a clear and simple graphic perspective of all that is important in a business.

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