How Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and Myspace Can Earn You Free Minutes to Call Argentina


If you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or other email accounts you can earn free minutes to call Argentina right now.

If you use Myspace, Facebook or Que Pasa, you can earn even more.

Marque Directo is an international calling service that will literally walk you through the process and teach you how to earn free minutes to call landline and mobile Argentina phone numbers.

Why? Because in exchange for hooking you up with hundreds of free minutes a month, you’ll tell your friends and family about their great service.

Things you MUST know!

  1. You can sign-up for free and try out the service to call Argentina before recommending anything!
  2. Even without the free minutes, Marque Directo is a better and cheaper way to call Argentina than calling cards or long distance plans.
  3. Their FREE report on how to earn free minutes to call Argentina literally walks you through every single step of the 15-minute process, then you’ll be able to earn minutes EVERY month!

Besides giving you free minutes for 15-minutes of your time, Marque Directo also offers a service that is simple, convenient, and easier to use than calling cards. For example, you’ll never dial 1-800 numbers or enter PIN codes again. You can turn all of your family and friends’ landline and mobile Argentina phone numbers into local US numbers, calling that new number to speak instantly with them.

Go download the FREE report at and give it a try! You’ve got zero commitment and never have to sign a contract. Just use it, and if you like it, keep using it!

Call Argentina for free now!

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