History of Motorola Mobile Phones (1997-2014)


History of Motorola Mobile Phones, with pictures of the coolest devices released between 1997 and 2014.

You will remember devices like the Motorola Dynatac, Motorola RAZR “original”, Motorola V3… and others.

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  1. Beautiful. Can't believe there's not more comments. Quite a few early models missing. I had the dpc 550, dpc 650, a redesigned brick, a startac, a few vaders, a startac with digital, a v60, a t720, a droid, droid 2, razr maxx, razr maxx hd, and now the droid maxx.

    Had a handful of others in between by blackberry and lg. But I always get the best reception and battery life with Motorola. I am very excited for the next droid refresh. The shamu nexus 6, and the moto maxx.

    Motorola if you're reading this, please bring back the lapdock concept! The padfone idea is brilliant. Especially when the keyboard and tablet have batteries. We should be able to take it two steps further by converting the laptop to a desktop, and desktop to an entertainment system. Make it happen! 

  2. Sad how the Moto G, a phone I bought for 64$ Off contract, brand new, works and functions 10x better than some iPhones.

  3. Apart from the nokia402 I have never seen a phone that I have owned ,ever in any bid.
    And I have had phones sine1988!

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