[HD] Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – Rescue {Preview}


Just something I started working on today while I was waiting for my family … xD
Watched this movie one month ago for the first time and instantly felt in love with it! Since than I always wanted to edit with it and since I have some problems at the moment finding enough inspiration to finish some other One Piece AMV’s which are in progress for a while now (“Draw The Line”, “Sound of Silence”, “Surpass The Best To Be The Best III”) I’m trying myself on something different again. Never edited with gaming/CG (except one Mini-GMV) before and well … Till now it’s quite the fun!

Anyway, beware about the date at the end of this preview … It’s only a place holder. I’m aiming for the 01.01.2017 after I saw how fast this project proceeded today, but I can’t guarantee it.

And last but not least … Merry christmas to you all!
Footage: Kingsglaive (Final Fantasy XV)
Song: Ashes Remain – Rescue

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