Hard Wearing Mobile Phones


The JCB tough phone range is leading the way in rugged mobile phones and is now recognized as being the best phone for anyone that needs all the features of a mobile phone but may be hard on phones. Basically there are targeting workmen and tradesmen.
There are 4 phones in the range

Jcb Tradesman
Jcb Sitemaster
Jcb Protalk
Jcb Motorola defy

The 1st three are standard mobiles and the Motorola Defy is a full android machine that can do emails and has full internet access.

All the models come with p2i water resistant technology and the Tradesman is actually the worlds first floating mobile phone. I own my own mobile phone company and we like to sell phones that are reliable and give us as few returns or problems as possible. The JCB tough phone is seldom faulty and is a great product that lasts extremely well. Trust me if they last a full year with a plumber or a spark then you know these phones are the highest quality

The JCB sitemaster is probably the best seller and can withstand a ton of pressure and a drop test from a height of six feet or two metres. The JCB pro or to give it the full name the JCB Pro-Talk is the top of the range and comes with a two way radio which can be very useful on site.

The basic spec on the phones is great considering the low price. All are waterproof and dust proof and all of them contain what is known as a military specification. As standard they all have bluetooth, an FM Radio, Colour screen, a torch and they all come with a minimum of a one year warranty.

The best model in the range is the Motorola Defy JCB model. This phone is basically a fully fledged smartphone in a rugged case. You can easily get emails and browse the internet at your leisure and still have the great robustness and hard wearing feature of JCB. The screen is made of Gorilla glass which is marketed as more or less indestructible and coming with a 2 year warranty JCB are confident that this phone is built for purpose
JCB offer a great warranty on all their product range and that this simply down to their confidence in this quality product. The company knows the type of conditions and the abuse that the phones will take but they are also confident that their phones have a design that caters for this. The vast majority of other mobile manufacturers will under no circumstances repair or fix a mobile handset that has suffered any type of water damage. JCB guarantee that your phone will not suffer from any water damage.

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