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Apple iPod crown, without a doubt, the new fourth-generation iPod touch revealed today by the companys charismatic CEO, Steve Jobs.
Still, the new iPod touch, 4G was probably the least surprising announcements this week from Apple.
good old Apple rumor mill was suggesting that the latest touch-screen media player get the front and rear, facing the camera and screen Apple retinal weeks.

iPod touch 4g: an impressive upgrade to apple's flagship ipod

iPod touch 4G: impressive upgrade to its flagship iPod Apple
Which is exactly what they got. This is basically the iPhone four, minus the phone and SMS functions. Jobs in the same words stated clearly in his presentation.
No contract, said Apple CEO, and demonstrating the new iPod touch, 4G, without the word contract written in capital letters on the slideshow on the big screen behind him? C, at which time some of the components used in the media industry and the crowd chuckled, as if Jobs did an obscene joke at the expense of O2 or AT T.
A new iPod really does not need to be seen and played with fully appreciated. If you have not feast your eyes on the iPhone 3.5-inch, 960 x 640 pixel display of the retina, is not yet appreciate the vibrancy and quality of images that are currently available on the new iPod touch.

iPod facetime: sure to be a hit with students and teens

iPod FaceTime: probably be a hit among students and youth
As far as the overall form factor, Apple has stuck with curved stainless steel back to the previous model, although it managed to shave about 15 percent of the thickness and weight, so the new iPod touch is much thinner and lighter, as he sat in his hand. We have to admit, we suspect Apple might go the whole hog and follow the boxier fourth draft of the iPhone But after a very quick hands playing with the new iPod touch, we are more than pleased that it did not.
Of course, the main beneficiaries bit slimmer iPod touch will peripherals companies, with reps from all the known brands in force at the premiere of the Apple. And we can be sure he killed the expected new cases and peripheral product announcements from all of them in the coming days and weeks.
In addition to a much improved screen, next to the biggest new feature in the new iPod touch is the introduction of two cameras, which allow recording 720p HD video and also allow you to use Apple FaceTime video calling application, so you can talk to any of the your friends and family with the iPhone(or iPod touches new).
is sure to be a great gift for students and younger users who either do not want(or, more likely, are not financially able) to obtain long-term contracts linked to mobile phones but still want to use the iPod touch chat and video calls. It is, as we heard more than one Punter mumble in todays presentation of London, the potential game-changer. Although whether it will Cannibalize demand for Apples iPhone 4 will show.

iPod touch 4g: around 15 per cent thinner and lighter

iPod touch 4G: About 15 percent thinner and lighter
is also worth remembering that there is really a great camera killed apps are now available for download on Apples App Store, with many of the applications of photographic manipulation games that allow you to make friends, zombies, ghosts, avatars and fatties. All that has so far been limited to iPhone users.

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