Gta San Andreas graphics mod 2016 Edition V4 (Beta)


Hi guys!!
This is the beta, full version is already released! Check it out:


I want to thank you guys for 1000 Subs!! that’s really Awsome. I’m so glad you all like my work, thanks a lot!

Cars used in video:

Mercedes SLR Mclaren:

Mitsubishi Lancer:

F-15C (Hydra) :

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  1. Omg… I want something realistic, not full of saturation and over colored… v1 was the best and v3 better (lcukye with samp mode). So ty so much and truly respect for v3 :)

  2. I hope the free release of V4(or V5?) mod will result to: all story mode will be playable, of course no crashes or other issues and high frame rates(optimized) etc. I just want to finish all missions of gta san andreas with better graphics. That would be great! 🙂 thanks for your works. Does your mod can be applied to any gta san andreas? i mean the game downloaded from torrent(e.g piratebay)? thanks for your reply.

  3. HELP! When I start ,y game The weird white screen comes up like usual but then it stops working! I also downgraded to 1.0 and my computer was working fine with 3.1 yesterday!

  4. is it okay if i use ur mod on my channel gameplay series? i will put ur channel in the description of my video

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