GTA 5 Online | Xbox One Freemode War! [Ep9] | Moder Nooob


Went on my friends Xbox one and got into a war.
Friends Channels:


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~Intro Music: Jetta – I’d Love to Save the World
~Music: 1] Sik World – Broken Wings (Prod. Tido Vegas)
2] Echoes and Nightcall – Rainfall
3] Vanic X KFlay – Can’t Sleep
~Outro Music: Klangkarussell – Fells Like Rain (Leo Hydn Remix)

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-Secondary PSN: Motmus
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  1. Lmfao a good player. you use bst and bp helmet full tac gear and commit suicide constantly. just like every other noob I wreck. perfect example of an off the radar bp helmet tac vest sniper noob. just trash lol

  2. This game would be so much better if they sorted the players out that constantly kill them self even when your not shooting them was kind of funny

  3. lol somebody surprise killed me then she said aww don cry baby and she invited one of his friend I was one tho then I killed them lot I got in passive mode CAUZE I got bored so I said "aww don't cry little baby >:] lololol" then she said "ur passive mode pu$$ÿ ur glitcher I well report you" I said "lol idc" I laughed so hard

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