GT10: An Outside Perspective on the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Vietnam – with Hao Tran


This week’s episode is a two part exploration of the life and insights of Mr. Hao Tran ( He’s a young guy, just 24, from San Francisco and has settled into Vietnam for just 6 months, but that’s the entire point of this episode. Though young, Hao has developed keen insights into the ecosystem through his work with 500 Startups and Vietcetera (, where he has published upwards of 30 articles in a very short amount of time. “Protect yourself, execute, and be confident and the rest will take care of itself” In this, the first part of the episode we talk about how he got to Vietnam and the main things he’s learned thus far. He’s got some great thoughts and even shares one or two things I didn’t know. In the second part, published next week Monday, we’ll explore his personal journey including travel hacks, investments, inspiration, advice, and mentorship! Notes: Hao’s experience in Silicon Valley [ from 2:00] Why Hao is in Vietnam [from 3:40] How many startups Hao has seen in 6 months [from 7:00] The purchasing power of Vietnam isn’t as low as you think! [from 10:30] Why Hao thinks that Vietnamese buyers online do a lot of due diligence [from 12:30] Where Hao thinks you would find the highest potential startups in Ho Chi Minh City [from 14:30] Hao’s top 3 insights on the Vietnam ecosystem [from 15:25] Hao tells me something I don’t know about the ecosystem [from 21:00] (actually I did know this, but maybe you don’t!) Hao’s elevator pitch on why YOU should come to Vietnam right now [from 22:30] Graphics provided by Duc M. Nghiem – Intro music credit to Serge Quadrado –  via Jamendo

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