Gran Turismo Sport – PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer [4k]


This is the latest trailer movie for Gran Turismo Sport, released at the PlayStation Experience 2016 held in Anaheim, California of the U.S. See and feel true to life light and color, in the new photorealistic world of Gran Turismo Sport enabled by numerous cutting edge technologies such as HDR, wide color, and VR.


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  1. The thing that worries me the most is whether or not we will be able to pit in arcade mode. In Gran Turismo I never care about career mode. Just arcade.

  2. So PD are making all of these features that will only look good (or even work) on the pro console, where does that leave owners of the original PS4 console like myself?? 4 years waiting and what do we get? a gimped version of the game whilst the newest pro owners get all the bells and whistles, thanks Sony for selling out the early adopters.

  3. Yaaaassss Gran turismo…. this is how u make a Racing Sim Trailer…Beautifull lighting Cutting edge Graphics and Design.
    Take my Bloody money….

  4. this looks so beautiful, for me graphics wise they improve a lot from e3, let us wait for sounds gameplay etc, don't judge, you guys judge about something that doesn't even come out yet, if it's already come out then it's okay, for me I can't wait…

  5. Only thing this game will have over Forza is better graphics but then we will have to wait for Forza 7 and then it will have nothing 😛

  6. Only a few scenes in this trailer that have 'street' specification, non race modified cars. Personally, though I love racing GT3, LM and even occasional GT2 cars, nothing beats driving street cars for me. I hope they still have every single car from GT6, plus a plethora of new ones. Does anyone know exactly? Will they keep all the old cars?

  7. Wow…just wow… I'm a big time Forza player and have never owned a PlayStation, but lemme just say, this game looks like it's gonna be a damn sight better to play than Forza 6, Forza 7 has to be hella good to beat this now.

    Also these kinds of games show me that there will come a time where arguing over what game is best will be pointless; everything's advancing extremely quickly, and that time will come when each and every racer will be so realistic it's gonna be hard to differentiate them from each other. I long for that day to come… all the arguments on YouTube will stop… and everything will be more peaceful around here.

  8. I wish gran turismo 3 would be available in Xbox ONE coming along with the tracks and the cars themselves and add a huge mix with all the race tracks and cars put in together.

  9. Rally is one of the worst in GT, what's the point if there are no teams or official stages. It's boring, it has questionable physics, just remove it already.

  10. I wanted see gran turismo sport create real damage cars and wanted see new cars and X2011 and X2014 on new gran turismo series.

  11. Am I the only person that thinks they should concentrate on getting the fundamental basics like sounds right first rather than concentrating on making a redder shade of red??

    I swear the more I hear about Kazunori Yamauchi the more convinced I am that he really has lost the plot and now resides in la la land.

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