Google Pixel XL vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Do these two phones measure up in quite the same way as their smaller siblings, or does enough change with these bigger models that we’ll look at their balance in a different light? Let’s find out, with our iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL comparison.

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  1. I went into this thinking it was going to be a very biased comparison. Happy to see the Pixel XL was treated fairly and received the nod in many areas. Not a bad outting for Googles first shot at a new line of phones, But next time, They really should consider more premium features. (ie water resistance, expandable storage, wireless charging, or removable battery)

  2. Good comparison, thanks! Under which type of usage do you get 7h30 of SOT on the Pixel XL? I barely reach 5h?!? This is the main reason I am tempted to return it and keep my iPhone 7 Plus…

  3. "under 7hrs battery for pixel and 9hrs for iphone7+"… are you comparing the same thing here? android's SOT is not the same as iphone's usage

  4. Google lost its damn mind if they think that phone is worth that much. Cheaper phones have more features than that. Fail if you ask me.

  5. If they already compared the smaller handsets and the larger ones are exactly the same but bigger wtf is this comparison for. Makes no sense.

  6. Good review. The Pixel is missing features at this price point but the software is so smooth and refined that Android has finally matched iOS in that sense. It ultimately comes down to which platform you prefer.

  7. Of these two devices, I think the iPhone 7+ is more worth it for the price. Unlike the Pixel it's water proof, has stereo speakers, and a unique dual camera system. The Pixel performs just as smoothly and has an arguably better camera but it costs about $200 more than it should.

  8. Using 7 plus since the past two weeks. My friend got pixel xl last week. These two are undoubtedly the toughest competitors.
    But when it comes to the camera, it's 7 plus all the way. Especially that portrait mode that blurs the background. It works like a beast.
    I have literally stopped carrying my dslr to most of the places now!

  9. This was extremly biased. You claim Google falls short in areas and then provide 0 proof of it. MKBHD proved Google assistant to be more capable and showed the comparison on video. In addition, you worded every comparison with a heavy biased towards Apple. What a joke.

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