Google Is Fixing Gboard’s Freezing Issue In A New Update


Google is fixing Gboard’s freezing issue in the latest update to the application, as a verified Google employee has recently responded to a message thread on Reddit about this exact complaint with the keyboard app. In addition to fixing the issues with freezing which some users are reporting is happening inconsistently, making it harder to know exactly when to expect the problem to arise, the Google employee has also stated that the update should also fix the problem that users have been having with the keyboard’s glide typing functionality, and urges that users who are using Gboard should accept the update and essentially let them know how it goes.

The problems with Gboard freezing up and showing glide typing inconsistencies seems to have started up around 20 days ago (which isn’t too long after the official launch of Gboad on Android) according to the original poster who brings up the issue, mentioning that they had a Nexus 5X running on Android Nougat. After asking if they were the only ones experiencing the issue, more users on Reddit began to reply with their own scenarios about the problem following the update that was pushed out around that time. For those not familiar with the problem, one user notes that after they updated Gboard, upon starting to use glide typing it wouldn’t fill in the first word and would sometimes freeze for up to three seconds, with other users reporting the same problems.

Some users had also reported that they suspect it may be in correlation to a specific application they’re trying to type in with one user suggesting WhatsApp as the possible culprit, while at least one other user has stated that they have had no problems after updating to the new Gboard at that time, and that their device was running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Some users were also reporting that glide typing was much more inaccurate after the last update that went out around the time of this issue surfacing, so this most recent update that was pushed out this morning will likely fix the problems with inaccurate typing as well. If you haven’t seen the update notification pop up and you use Gboard, you can always go into the Play Store and into the my apps section to see if it’s available.

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