Google Home vs. Amazon Echo! – Which One is Smarter?


In this comparison of Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, we test the artificial intelligence of both of these devices to see which one is smarter. Which one do YOU think is smarter after watching the video? Leave your thoughts in the comment box and if you want to be featured on our next video, let us know what kind of questions you want us to ask.

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  1. A pertinent question would be.
    Can any of them assist you in a medical or other type or emergency?
    Can they make a call out for 911, and give them your address? or give you instructions for cpr?

  2. So Max, which one of these devices are you going to use for your daily home assistant? I personally think the Echo at the moment is STILL the better choose since it has more skillz to offer.

  3. Q: Is there any way to get your Google Home to send a message when specifying a messaging service, specifically for messaging services which currently work with Google Now or Google Assistant? Could you say "Say hi to Joe on WhatsApp" or "Say hi to Joe in WhatsApp on Device Name" If so, do either of the following variables matter — Does your phone need to have Android 7.1 with Google Assistant? Does the phone need to be on the same WiFi network as Google Home? Thanks.

  4. they say the microphones are more sensitive on echo. you should do test with extraneous noise and distance to see if that is correct

  5. I have the Amazon Echo Dot, it's good for things like, "turn the lights off" etc but when you ask it questions like these it does get a bit disheartening when it doesn't understand. Alexa I feel is more for routine things like the news, weather, home automation, but finding out information as you showed, it really does struggle. I am happy with the Echo Dot but I will definitely be buying Google Home when it gets released in the UK.

  6. Because of this video I actually purchased the Google Home yesterday at Best Buy. My dot was gifted to a coworker, but my Tap as my work buddy.
    The Home is a really really great device, sound quality is very good, and the future looks bright for this little speaker.
    Thank you for you great work

  7. I would be interested how each one answers these questions: How do you hack a Google Home device? How do you hack an Amazon Echo device?

  8. Great review! 🙂 Please can you tell me if the Google Home sends text messages, or will it in the future? According to the official video you can, but no one has reviewed that yet. Thank you:)

  9. I have both the Home and Echo, and I agree with most of this video. However, the Echo has superior sound quality for music and the Home sounds a bit tinny. Also, I notice the Home's AI voice sounds funny, and has a bit of that "speak and spell" quality to it. It sounds like a computer voice at times. Alexa's voice is better and sounds like an actual woman. The AI on the Home is superior no question. I am disappointed there is no audio out on the Home.

  10. obviously google will be better as it's a search engine. you can't compare the two. your a tech freak so you should not better.

  11. will some features work with no subscriptions? is there any other subscriptions needed or can u use Spotify and deeser etc…..?

  12. I haven't seen this review or test yet:  Are you able to use Google home as a main base, speaker and use the Dots in different rooms?  Would there be a conflict when controlling lights with Philips Hue or other connected smart devices?  Can I ask Google Home to turn on bedroom lights, then when in the bedroom say tell  a Dot "Alexa turn off living room lights"   or some phrase  or combination thereof..?I like Google Home as a main base but in order to use Home in other rooms that requires additional Home bases.  Whereas the Dots are a fraction of the price for room placement.  Have you tried this yet?Read more Show less

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