Google Home vs. Amazon Echo! – Which One is Smarter? [Part 2]


In part 2, we take up Google Home vs. Amazon Echo testing out which one does better at finding local restaurants, which answers everyday questions, shopping, and questions from you guys from Part 1.

See Part 1 here if you haven’t yet:

Also see Google Home Unboxing here:

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  1. I wish Alexa would use bing or yahoo or something because currently I don't know where it gets the information because Amazon doesn't have a search engine

  2. These Comparisons Kill Absolutely hilarious.ALexa is more for music,news,shopping and I see once the Google home learns your likes Dislikes and gets used to the everyday questions it's going to be really good.Love the Video Reviews have me laughing through the whole process.The first one was Funny as well but definitely would go with the Google home.Thanks Max

  3. If you do a full review of Google Home, please investigate this Q: Is there any way to get your Google Home to send a message on your phone when the messaging service is supported by Google Now? Could you say "Ok Google, say hi to Joe on WhatsApp" (currently supported on phones) or "Ok Google, say hi to Joe in WhatsApp on Device Name" If so, do either of the following variables matter — Does your phone need to have Android 7.1 with Google Assistant? Does the phone need to be on the same WiFi network as Google Home? Just asking because the Google i/o demo video in May showed a woman sending a text message, and although I know that's not necessarily supported right now, I thought I saw or read somewhere that you could send messages when specifying a supported service. Hopefully I didn't just imagine it.

  4. Kind of unfair, it seems that you ask a lot of question that you previously already use google to ask the question knowing it give you a good answer already.. IE Apple and Dogs..

  5. Dear Max Lee i have a stupid phone the name of the phone is x-bo v6 and i don't know hot to root and change the rom can you help me because the phone is freaking out.

  6. I've seen some pretty good home automation videos with the Google Home. Phillips Hue, Nest thermostat, turning tv and other devices on and off.

  7. hey max my son wants to get into computer gaming and the youtube channel stuff was wondering if you have any recommendations for cheap low cost equipment for first time users or basically a 11 year old lmk mahalo

  8. so echo better as home assistant and Google home for pretty much all else.well there's nothing to say we can't have both right lol

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