Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Google Assistant Takes On Alexa


Google Assistant-powered Google Home is the new smart speaker in town but how does it fare against the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo? Well, we pit Google Home vs Amazon Echo, compare their capabilities and see how they do when it comes to weather, contextual, sports and fun queries.

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  1. when I click on the link to buy the Google home the official Google store get open but Google home is not there.


  2. beebom, you guys live in India right? then how do you have Google home and Alexa? you also have daydream.. how did you get it?

  3. Echo beats the Home in one weird area… Handling the Google calendar. Echo can add appointments, but the home cannot. In addition, if you ask them to read your appointments, the Echo looks at all of your Google calendars, if you use more than 1, where the Home only will look at the main one.

  4. I wonder if people know that Alexa has been out for over 2 years? Google home is new. If it doesn't have the feature you expect, then expect it to soon. Perfect practice makes perfect. They both have trade offs. Alexa is still improving. You should only be disappointed on a regression in AI. All are great products, Google just has a terrible wake-up phrase.

  5. Brother they video was amazing. nice work.
    small tip: keep the vids smaller and m sure you will gain much more views.

    Kudos AkshaY.

  6. hey guys,you grown very fastly I just want to know the secret behind it I mean everybody make video and and some of them are older with vast amount of video still you did it very quickly… what is your marketing strategy? pls let me know

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