Google Home Unboxing!


Here’s me unboxing Google Home, walking you thru the setup process, testing out YouTube Red, and also testing out home automation on my Nest thermometer.

So far, I am LOVING it, looks very promising and highly-recommended for students, professionals, etc…etc…

You can get yours here:

Also see Google Home vs. Amazon Echo here:

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  1. amazing i could ask much things and play much on Google Chromecast..maybe some japanese words. but i really l to say: play music xxxxx its amazing..if it could pair with Bluetooth devices só i could plug my headset on Bluetooth and pair… hey Max Lee do you make any vídeo about VR? im curious about daydream and The great xiaomi mi vr. I loved to see xiaomi mi mix.. epic!

  2. 6:04 why? why google spanish voice is so stupid? I'm spanish and the different voices of different languages is kinda ok, but spanish one is like a very stupid machine xD Google is bullying spanish xD

  3. When you need to play a music track on YouTube and are worried about copyright flagging, just play an acoustic version and it will be fine, thank me later.

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