Google Home Unboxing + WEIRD First Impressions


Google Home the talking cylinder has arrived!
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Here we unbox Google Home, the latest smart device by Google that responds to voice commands. It can look up information based from your Google account, and control smart devices in your home. The Google Home uses Google Assistant and artificial intelligence to figure out what you’re asking. Google Home can also answer questions based on context, supposedly giving it superior answers. This was a fun unboxing, so let me know what you think.

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  1. The poll thing you did at 5:28 was cool, im not sure if i like the "loved by" thing, i mean its great and all, but they should've choosed a different name for it.

  2. Hey thio these videos are great! You may not get as many views as u do on your joke videos, but I love them and love your hard work

  3. Daaaamned, my accent sucks so much. I say ok google 5 times before my google home understand me, and when I put your video with minimum volume, my google home understand you EACH SINGLE TIME. I suck so much x) (I'm french by the way)

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