Google Home: Unboxing, Setup, Quick Review


The brand-new Google Home voice-activated smart speaker has started making its home in homes across the U.S. and we’ve got a first-look, unboxing, setup overview and some fun demos to show off for you.

Google Home is priced at $129 and now available at Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy retail stores, and online. Best Buy link: (It comes with a gray fabric-covered base by default.)

UPDATE 11/7: All fabric and metallic bases (Mango, Marine Violet, and Carbon, Copper, Snow) are now shipping, $20-$40 each –

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Read more about the Google Home at

Featured YouTube channel: Casey Neistat –


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  1. I would buy it next year if I could use Amazon Music. I don't have and want Spotify and the Rest… To use more Google Features instead of just Calendar with Alexa is very good. But I have to wait anyway. I am from Germany..

  2. I pre-ordered so still waiting on mine to come in the mail. Can't wait!!!!
    And the bases still aren't available. GRRRRRRHHHH!

  3. Dig your cinematography. I liked your vid the best among the others Ive watched on the subject. My hubs just bought one from a kind young man and Im already using it to check the weather!

  4. Seems nice, problem for me is that it will probably never work directly with Ecobee. I doubt they would ever openly integrate since Google owns Nest.

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