Google Home Unboxing, Demo & Review


This is Google Home – A Voice-Activated speaker that’s powered by the Google Assistant. You ask questions, and it answers. You command on doing things, and it does the job. The device features a clean touchpad surface for control along with far-field voice recognition for hands-free usage. I have imported this from the USA for this video, Do LIKE & Subscribe for more Videos.

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  1. Very Interesting Packaging by Google.
    Very Nice Unboxing & Review amit sir!
    Google Home Doing so many works easily but also lack of some features.
    mayb we see some new features in future updates of the google home.

  2. Thanks for the review!
    coming to types of queries it can answer or help with, it's pretty much same as in Google Assistant in Allo or Pixel phone. like you said only difference is Google Home can pick up queries from the last query unlike Allo and Pixel.

    Maybe Google is not updating the Allo app deliberately to sell the Pixel and Home device..but I guess we'll get updates to Allo for the same in few months.

    I have one query, how it is different from Google Pixel 's Google Assistant? Can they both attend same queries? Thanks 🙂

    Edit: I just checked Allo, the Google Assistant is no more a preview version now and it's started to pick up queries from the previous ones.. So there is not much difference then!

  3. Amit sir vishal and karthik are playing table tennis while you shooting this video. Omg can't stop my laugh! Your crew is awesome. Just push them infront of camera :-)

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