Google Home Unboxing and Setup!


Here’s a first look at the new Google Home voice-activated speaker that includes Google Assistant! It’s also a hub to control more smart devices. Subscribe for more:

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  1. Hi Tim. Great video as always, keep them coming. Quick question. I store my music on my microSD card in my phone (and play it using the Google Play Music app). Do you know if this will play music stored locally on a phone, as I don't have a Play Music subscription or Spotify etc. Thanks :)

  2. Hi Tim great review as always..I am on the fence of buying the google home just wanted to know one thing can you play a video on your device let say Netflix on your phone and cast the sound to google home. I know i can do that through Bluetooth, but I wanna do it via cast. If possible can you please check this.

  3. I've been thinking of trying an Echo Dot, but would rather have this IF you can build lists on Google Keep and directly interact with the information you have on other Google apps (maps, you tube, drive, etc). Can you please do a video on this?

  4. I like how my Google Home answered and replied to every single one of your queries in this video! Including "Ok google, stop."

  5. I just got mine yesterday for some reason i can't connect mine to my Chromecast, I did an unboxing video on my channel

  6. it's been too long since I've seen one of your videos, for some reason your videos don't appear in my subscription box. great content anyways keep up the good work.

  7. Please can you tell me if the Google Home sends text messages, or will it in the future? According to the official video you can, but no one has reviewed that yet. Thank you:)

  8. Anyone know if i can set this up with my phone and leave at another house and still be functional. Looking at buying this for my parents but they dont have smartphones. Thank you!

  9. I just bought mine. Plus now have the google pixel xl. Coming from an iPhone, this kinda feels like a ground floor experience

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