Google Home: Should you buy it?


Google Home brings Google Assistant into your life via a sleek voice-activated speaker, but is it better than the competition?

Correction: Google Home is contextually aware, you just need to use keyword “Ok Google” for further questions.

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  1. probably gonna pass at least for now. my phone/tablet can do all those things and then some. plus having a screen is nice. but I look forward to seeing what it becomes

  2. Great review thanks. I am looking forward to see when this is available outside the US. looking forward to chromecast integration. hopefully they can solve the multiuser problem.

  3. OK Jon now how do I turn off that timer that will randomly scare the hell out of us in 60-something days, please? (Other than that, great review.)

  4. Please can you tell me if the Google Home sends text messages, or will it in the future? According to the official video you can, but no one has reviewed that yet. Thank you:)

  5. not completely accurate and not very well explored. the conversations you can have with it are contextual and Google home does not shut off after one question unlike the echo.

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