Google home setup


see it in action.

google home inside my car
google in my car
having fun with the google home
google home setup

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  1. And im going to say it again… but keep up the good work and thanks for this video… and say hi to your son hahaha.

  2. Im goig to tell you a short story. I really have nothing more to watch on YouTube. One day i searched how to send messages on google home and found your channel, and now, i am really waiting each day for a new video hahaha keep up the good work and if you want my advice, i recommend that you should buy a ChromeCast and make videos with it, like how to turn tv on with google home and all of that stuff. Its very interesting and cheap, sorry for the loong message.

  3. Would you mind checking out my channel even though its in spanish but i might make an english video later some day in this month. But it would be amazing if you could subscribe back??

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