Google Home Review – Look out, Siri!


Google Home is here! Does it live up to the hype?
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Google Home is a new hardware device by Google that uses the “Google Assistant” and artificial intelligence to power this smart speaker. It uses voice commands to look up information, control smart home devices, and do entertainment. Google Home might not be for everyone though, since many of the best features involve using it as a hub to control smart home devices, which not everyone has. It ties into your Google Account, so if you don’t use Google for everything, you’ll also get limited use. I think it’s a great competitor with Amazon Echo, another smart speaker, and Apple Siri, but which is best will depend on what eco-systems you use the most.

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  1. I don't have a smart TV so I have a Chromecast. I love it! Do any of you have a smart TV with a Chromecast? I'm just trying to figure out why Google are still pushing Chromecast when the majority of all new TV's are smart. Is it just for the markets like me who don't have a smart TV?

  2. Does the Home override the phone with okay Google even if the phone in not on the same wifi network? What if the phone was on the cell data plan?

  3. make more of the satire videos that you got known for lol, not bad reviews but it just not what I expect when I go to your channel. maybe make a second channel

  4. This comment will be lost between all of these 300 comments. It will not reach 1000 likes and no one will respond to it, nor will ThioJoe respond to it even thought I am a big fan. May god bless you all!

  5. What do you think of Google Home in comparison to the Amazon Echo? I know you've reviewed that unit before. I know that Google Home has the whole context sensitive conversation thing which the Echo doesn't have, but other than that what do you think of the 2 units in comparison to each other?

  6. Thanks for the review 🙂

    Have you had any chance to check if it supports to play Spotify on another Spotify connect device?

  7. So Google Home listens and records all conversations in your living room, 24/7, and people are PAYING for this? WTF?

    Such a violation of privacy!

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