Google Home Review – Compared to Amazon Echo / Alexa – Head to Head!


Buy it at Best Buy – (affiliate link) – Google is taking on Amazon with a voice assistant powered by Google’s massive search engine. Subscribe for more!

00:37 – Hardware overview
03:06 – Voice search : music
04:25 – Controlling a Hue light with voice commands
04:43 – Asking another random question
05:24 – Chromecast / Casting YouTube to a television
06:30 – Companion app and security concerns
07:52 – Head to head with an Amazon echo
08:00 – Contextual conversation testing
09:01 – Airline price search
09:40 – e- commerce search
10:19 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Google Home and Amazon Echo are similar in many ways, although Google’s product has the potential to do more. It is better at conversational searches and is able to find the answers to more questions thanks to its integration with Google Search. I was especially impressed with its ability to research airline ticket prices on a specific date.

I am concerned about security in that Google Home only works with one Google account and will let anyone ask it questions. It locks out email and other potentially sensitive components but it does get access to the paired account’s calendar. I worry that down the road additional features will be added that will provide additional private information.

But all in this is a solid offering from Google that has some great potential.

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  1. Great review Lon! Side by side comparison demo is the best. Google wins for me! I shared your video on Facebook for my friends ;-)

  2. Lon great review. But do you keep having to say "OK Google" each time? I was watching another reviewer with the Google assistant on the Pixel phone and he only had to say OK Google the first time and then – if said within a short time – you could just issue another command without the "Ok Google"
    "Ok Google ..turn on the lamp" Lamp comes on. Then just say "turn it off" without the OK Google and it would follow the command and turn off the lamp. Or as about the weather in NYC. "OK Google what is the weather in NYC ?" it answers and then without saying OK Google again you ask it another question "who is the mayor of NYC?" and it would answer.

  3. What's worrying me about all these smart devices connected to your wifi, is the security, i just saw that the philips hue was hacked an remote controled via a drone flying outside the window. If you have an allarm system connected to the same network, how long until someone can turn off your allarm by gaining access through a smart device. It might be smart to have two networks, one for items you want to keep secure, and another with smart devices made by vendors that doesnt keep them secure, so it wont matter if they are hacked or not.

  4. The amazon echo can do some of the things you asked with the addition of skills. If you enable the kayak skill, it can tell you how much flights cost, where you can go for a certain amount of money etc.. With other skills i can even check my credit card statement

  5. I wish there was an IFTTT command to automatically mute my sister when she comes home to say hi when I am watching Lon Seidman videos.

  6. Why do I get the feeling it even would say whom to vote for. Not sure I would trust google listening to everything I was saying at home.

  7. Great video…. I didn't even think about the security concerns until you brought it up. I may hold off getting one.

  8. Do you have to OK purchases from Alexa? To me the idea that the kids or a 'friend' or whomever thinks it's funny can just order whatever from Amazon seems like at least as much of an issue as people listening to my calendar appointments.

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