Google Home Review battles Amazon Echo’s Alexa


A Live demonstration Google Home review as it battles against Amazon Echo Alexa. Watch as Google Home doesn’t quit hold up to the more experienced Amazon Echo in this real-time 50 question face off. You’ll have to decide between the only big difference; the price tag!

What is Google Home? Google Home is a voice recognition smart speaker developed by Google. The device consists of a 6.25-inch cylinder shaped speaker with a 5-piece microphone array.

Product Demonstration Video decide to run this Google Home review on Youtube first. There are other Google Home vs Alexa videos but we asked both machines 50 questions!

Are closes competitor was a Google Home vs Amazon Dot video.

As you watch this amazon echo dot review I want you to use all your senses here, because when this live 50 question show down is complete your going to know why you choose the Amazon Echo sound quality over the Google Home sound quality.

Google Homes Black Friday report on Google Home review on CNET was said to have out performed the sales record of Alexa Echo

Some say with Google being a bigger giant than Amazon the Google Home compatible devices wil rule over the Amazon Echo compatible devices. And with Google having a stake in Youtube that it could soon over-shadow the Amazon Echo video selection.

But for now the Amazon Echo forum is a superior platform that is out-performing the Google Home in intellectual responses.

Our Google Home review on Reddit got over 10,000 views and the title was “Google Home vs Echo” on it’s 1st day,

The only advantage seen so far by Google Home is the price, the Amazon Echo price of $129 could be alittle much for a vocie recognition device that may just end up being a dust collector.

This Amazon Echo review is an Amazon Echo update and we will be keeping you up to date on both the Amazon Echo “Alexa” and the new Google Home

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  1. This review was quite helpful and intuitive. This will definitely help me choose which smart home assistant to buy.

    I also like your style and schemes used in your videos. Keep up the good work!

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