Google Home: Review


OK Google, what can Home do for me?

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  1. The echo dot performs a savage blow to it's newest rival, google home, for less than half the price. In usual google fashion, the search giant is releasing unfinished hardware with the promise "we're working on it", just like the Nexus Player which is now discontinued after months of false promises that never came thru. For example google home will not support Logitech Harmony and WeMo at launch (some of the biggest players in home control/automation.

    Smart home partnerships:
    Google Home ($129)- Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, IFTTT
    Echo Dot ($49) – Nest, Ecobee, SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, Lifx, Big Ass Fans, IFTTT, Harmony

  2. Why is it backwards throughout most all of the video? The mute button is on the back and the slanted top is higher in the back or at least that is how I feel it should sit since the power cable is on that side.

  3. Why do you constantly show clips of the thing unplugged and facing the wrong direction? I don't know why this was so jarring to me, but it's something to consider, it felt really weird. Good review though, can't wait to get mine in the mail.

  4. It would have been helpful to test out those farfield mics, especially in comparison to the Echo. I mean, seriously, who does a review of home voice activated speakers with both products inches away from their face? Also, a better showcase of the speaker quality would have been beneficial. I had the opportunity to play with it a couple weeks ago and was actually quite impressed at how loud, clear, and rich the spoken audio and music that came out of it sounded. And if you're going to compare it to the Echo and talk about how far behind it is, why not compare it to the Echo from when the Echo launched a year ago? Let us know how the Echo was when it 1st hit the market compared to this device, so we can get a better idea of which device is a better device all around. Finally, as others have already commented…why did you keep showing the product backward!? In a review!!!!

  5. Personally Google home has 1 thing amazon echo does not have, ALL MY music for free. I have 9000 ish songs uploaded to Google play music for free where as you have to pay Amazon to upload more than 200 songs. Please come to the UK before next summer.

  6. The one-account part of this was a game changer for me not to preorder it. I think that it is absolutely essential that Google Home is aware of who is talking to it!

  7. Google has a much bigger advantage in the field of smart homes than Amazon – their Search Engine and mailing services are the most commonly used ones, they control the OS on 90% of smartphones in the world, most web browsers are controlled by them too, they have a vastly superior AI team, they have been in the smart home market a little longer (Nest, Chromecast, etc), Google's Play Music and YouTube Red are in many ways much farther ahead than the competition. If they launch a Netflix style "cable-cutting service" next year, that will be another giant check mark.

    Therefore, more than Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, it makes much more sense for Google to make smarthome products given their ability to integrate all these things.

  8. I wonder how long will it take before Google Home voice recognition algorithms are trained enough to get rid of associating it with a particular Google account at all. So that any Google Home instance can not just recognize the words of any user, but recognize any user at all.
    You come to your neighbour, say “Hi Google tell me my schedule”, and it tells you YOUR schedule rather than the neighbours' one.
    Should not be extremely hard, especially if there are extra hints who can be the voice owner; like, if there are multiple Android phones in the area, most likely the voice owner runs one of the Google accounts on one of these Androids…

  9. amazing that one part of world is talking with AI …. while another part people are beheading eachother so they can meet 72 virgins in heaven …
    humans are truly amazing !

  10. Google Home cannot stream individual songs that you've uploaded to Google Play Music, even though streaming from Google Play Music is supported. It can only stream playlists, but I have about 19k songs in my library. This isn't stated anywhere on the product page and I only found that it is "currently" not available in an obscure Help page. I am returning this product immediately and had to fight with customer reps at Nest to get a prepaid shipping label. Bad experience, I'm sticking with my Echo.

  11. hey I've had Google home for about a week and a half now. Do you know any advanced commands or features or things that are coming out to upgrade it? I basically use it as a music device right now. Play some games and for some reason I bought the new Chromecast and tried installing it after the Google home and well it should be plug-and-play, I've been having some issues.

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