Google Home + Harmony Elite + Phillips Hue + IFTTT


Just showing off some of the functions of the new Google Home and how it works with the Logitech Harmony Hub, Phillips Hue and IFTTT. Stick around to the very end because its not actually over, until its over!

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  1. Google home has smartthings integrated, you could use smartthings to connect to harmony which is more faster and reliable since they don't use a cloud service like ifttt and runs locally. But if you don't already have it, it would be costly and better to wait for google to release their api in december for official support of harmony and philips hue.

  2. thanks for the tutorial. everyone shows off no-one shows how. im setting up my smart home with cams , locks, dimmers…balls deep and collecting info wherever I can. thanks again, looking forward to future videos.

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