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Unboxing & First Impressions on Google’s new gadget called Google Home. This is like Google now that you’ve had avaible on your phone for a couple years now, but the real difference is truly experienced in using the physical product with its high quality speaker and conversational interactions.

More on Google Home:
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I was thinking, why would I need this if I can just do it all on my phone, but after playing with it for the last 3 days, I realize how much better and more functional it feels to serve rather than using it through your phone.

Your phone speaker and battery can only be so loud and can’t blast all day without the battery running out. The Home will be able to always and always be ready for your assistance without having to worry about your phones perfromance.

This can replace you having to pair your bluetooth speakers…. I say can becuase it could. I have favorite speakers I rather bump through but this Google Home speakers can easily do the job loudly with great quality. So I won’t complain for how great it sounds already.

I like it a lot and it serves so well for all my questions I ask. Everyday I come up with new questions and functions I can do with it. I say yes, go get one for yourself!!!

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  1. you know the crazzy part when you said "OK google" my phone picked it up and searched for the song Sia :/. like really google im your owner not him lol . thanks cooLooser lol

  2. Your 2 links in description about this product dont work. It says something about the smart links violating some terms of service or some shit

  3. Nice review, just to add to what you already said, 1) If you say Hey Google, it wont trigger your phone, just trigger Google Home, 2) In Google home settings in Accessibility you can enable beep when you say Hey Google or Ok Google 3) You can say Microphone off, if you ever wanted to turn mic off hands free, you need to manually turn it on though

  4. Thank you! Great video. We are thinking about purchasing Google HOme for my dad who is 83 years young and LOVES Google. Seems easy to use out of the box. Have a nice holiday season.

  5. When you first set the unit up it looks like it can find the Google Home unit without your needing to manually connect your phone to the temporary wireless network generated by the Google Home unit as you need to do with other devices like Amazon Echo and Belkin WeMo etc. Is the setup procedure for the Google Home the same on both Android and iOS?

  6. Bought my Google home a few days ago. Little bummed out that it does not have a "reminder" option. Everything else seems to be great.

  7. I find it cool most tech YouTubers live in the West coast. Specifically Oregon. I live in Beaverton but go to school in Hillsboro

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