Google Home and Amazon Echo Control Lights by turn on and off


A review on how to turn your lights on and off by using the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Alexa and Google Home control the lights by using the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

We use Z-wave switches which are controlled by the SmartThings Hub. For the cabinet lights we have a plug in z-wave outlet which is also controlled by the SmartThings Hub. I also have a video I did on installing the under cabinet LED lights which are also turned off and on by Google Home and Amazon Echo

We will go into more in depth on how to set up the SmartThings Hub and pair your switches and outlets in another video, but once this is all configured, you need to tell the Amazon Echo and Google Home to discover them.

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The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home also work in Canada, the UK and Germany.

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  1. Any chance you will be reviewing the Wink Hub? I've been on the fence between SmartThings and Wink – now with the Wink Hub 2 I am leaning more that way. I'm starting from scratch – well almost from scratch – I have a Sensi Wifi Thermostat that I want to link into a hub – then add LED bulbs and do some geofencing. Thanks!

  2. its amazing how complimentary males are in the comments thread. you can tell some walk a fine line between being a pervert and just a normal commenter about the actual video and not the host.

  3. Who are you? You should introduce yourself at the beginning of each video. Or at least on your twitter account. The element of mystery is sort of alluring.

  4. Thanks for the video! Does the Smartthings hub bypass the Hue hub, or do they both need to attached to your router for hue lights?

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