Google Daydream vs. Gear VR: Which is the best mobile VR device?


Two companies want to put VR on your face through your phone. Here’s what you need to know.

Samsung Gear VR review:
Google Daydream VR review:

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  1. I feel like I just watched a video made by a retard who just tried VR for the first time. Where are the specs? like which has better field of view? Which has better lens?

  2. So basically, the only changes on Daydream are a fancier design and a remote? I though this was supposed to be a huge improvement Google. It looks like it works almost exactly the same as the cardboard.

  3. For me, the Daydream View still looks like an prototype VR. The only big change is a controller. It might be lighter, but Gear VR is definetly way better than Daydream View for now.

  4. With Samsung Gear VR I can easily watch all sorts of YouTube videos (via Samsung Internet app), I can walk inside Google Street View (via VisoPlaces app), I can use every Cardboard app (via Cardboard enabler app), plus tons of Gear VR 'exclusive' apps coming from the Oculus Rift community (ok, there aren't too many of them that are both good AND free, but still…). Attaching the phone to the headset is so easy I can do that using just one hand in three seconds. The headset grips the phone firmly so I don't have to be concerned about it falling from the device. The additional strap that goes over the head is very very useful, because I can leave the lateral strap a little bit more relaxed and the headset would still sit comfortably yet firmly attached to heads of any size. Seriously, I take it out of my head and put it right in my little kid's head, no worries at all. It's very comfortable to use for long periods of time. You can remove the front mask for cleaning (although I never had to). It is possible to use the phone's camera in the pass through mode because there's nothing blocking the camera. The built in touchpad and buttons work just fine. You can pair it with a bluetooth game controller. You can adjust the focus very easily. As of 2016 the Galaxy S7 has the highest pixel density screen, so it's guarantee to be the best resolution. The head tracking technology is impressively smooth and comfortable. So, apart from that little controller (which does seem interesting), and unless two tons of good and free VR apps pop up from Google overnight, what could possibly be the advantages of the Daydream !?

  5. i like my wife's s7 gear vr combo better than my pixel xl daydream to be honest.
    lightbleeding and positioning is just killing it for me, not too mention my phone feels like a nuclear reactor after 30 minutes, whereas the s7 stays relatively cool.

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