Global failure: Facebook and Instagram are "down" everywhere

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Many social network users have found this Tuesday 20 a breakdown on some of their applications. Indeed, Facebook and Instagram have been down since the beginning of the afternoon (French time) in Europe and the United States.

Updated at 18:27: According to the website Down Detector, the number of reports concerning Facebook and Instagram in the early evening was now higher in the United States than in France. A fluctuation that may however be simply due to the fact that the French aware of the problem do not report it and the time difference, since the failure occurred in the early morning on the American continent.

It seems to show, however, that the problem is global. On Twitter, some have seen in the concentration of reports in France the sign of a scheme to prevent "yellow vests" to communicate.

Updated at 17:51: While the global outage continues on Twitter, Facebook said it knew about the problem and made sure it knew about the problems it had to the family of Facebook applications" and say "work to solve the problem as quickly as possible".

Facebook fault report card at 18:30.

Updated at 4:59 pm: The breakdown of Facebook and Instagram continues worldwide. "We understand that some users have difficulty accessing applications in the Facebook family. We are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible", said a spokesman of the group to the Parisian.

Updated at 15:56: The Downdetector website notes that the number of error reports has decreased since 3:45 pm on Facebook and Instagram. The connection problem could be in the process of being resolved.

Updated at 15:46: As often, people switch to Twitter to express their frustration and the #FacebookDown is in the first position of the most shared hashtags in the world.

Updated at 15:26: According to the Downdetector website, the majority of faults listed on the social network Facebook are in France and the United Kingdom. The company has not yet released a press release on these disturbances.

Updated at 14:53: The epicenter of the breakdown of the Instagram application seems to be on the Benelux as shown on the Downdetector website.

Computers and mobile phones are particularly affected by this failure, which, for the moment, has not been explained by the firm Menhlo Park. On the specialized site Downdetector, which scans in real time the technical problems on the main networks, some users have reported problems on Instagram since Monday night.

Last September, Facebook, the application to more than a billion users, had already experienced a service failure that lasted a few hours. The disturbances had particularly affected North America and Europe.

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