Glo Makes Studying the Bible Easy


Glo is a new interactive Bible that makes studying the Bible every day easy. This installed software product on DVD-rom takes the traditional Bible in the most trusted NIV version and makes it browsable onscreen. But that’s just the beginning. Glo’s unique lenses allow you to browse content through “lenses” five different ways: Bible (canonical order); Atlas (major stories and locations mapped); Timeline (events linked chronologically); Topical (search by subject); and Media (HD video, photos, and much more).

It doesn’t matter where you are in Scripture, what region you are exploring or what period of time you’re in, Glo has resources that allow you to experience it. Scriptures include tons of extra material that bring your Bible-reading experience to life, with thousands of high-resolution images and articles, plus HD video, maps, virtual reality tours, and more.

And it’s all easy to navigate and feels natural. One of the biggest innovations behind Glo is that it uses what’s called a natural user interface, which mimics how actual physical objects behave. So it feels natural. Each new use creates a “session” that can be accessed again by clicking a tab in the navigation. Finding information from a former search and cross-referencing with a current result is fast and easy. Studying the Bible every day has never been more relevant to today’s busy lifestyle.  

Glo’s first release is for use on Windows PC, which includes laptops and slate PCs. In the coming months, Glo will be available on Windows Mobile, Mac, iPhone and popular Internet browsers.??For more information and press materials about Glo, please visit: or

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