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p>Almost any problem associated with the Xbox 360 can be easily fixed. Just remember when faced with a problem to always start with a game plan. Determine what, exactly, the problem is. It is always good to know what the various error codes mean. So, what do the error codes actually mean?

Here is a list of the most common problems of the Xbox 360 and some easy ways to fix them:

  1. 4 Red Lights – Some people have confused the 4 red lights with the red ring of death. If you are seeing the 4 red lights, then consider yourself lucky. This can be fixed easily. The 4 red lights are used by the Xbox 360 to indicate a problem with the A/V cable. This is the cable that connects your Xbox 360 to your TV. Simply unplug the cable from the console, then plug it back in. If this does not work, then you might need to buy a new A/V cable. Again, consider yourself lucky.
  2. 2 Red Lights – This error code has also been confused with the red ring of death. This error code is used to indicate that the Xbox 360 is overheated. This problem can be caused by not allowing proper ventilation of the unit, or by running it for too long. In order to fix this problem, simply give the console a break and let it cool down. A good way to avoid this problem is to let it cool down every 3 hours of gameplay.
  3. 3 Red Lights – The 3 flashing red lights have often been called the “red ring of death,” and rightly so. This is the worst error code to get. This error code is often associated with a faulty connection between the GPU and the mother board. Occasionally, this error code can also indicate a faulty power supply. In order to determine the problem associated with the 3 red lights, look at the power supply. If it is displaying a green light, then the GPU is the problem.

Microsoft used to be the best place to go to get this fixed. The turn around time for a Microsoft repair is usually about 3 weeks, which is not appealing to most gamers. Also, if you have had your Xbox 360 for a long time, the warranty is probably expired. This means that you would have to pay for the shipping, postal insurance, and repair. Most of the time, this costs close to $200.

Nowadays, the best option is to repair the Xbox 360 yourself. It really is not that complicated, and can usually be done in about 2 hours, if you have the right guide. Before buying any guide, however, you should do your homework. Like anything else, some guides are better than others.

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