Gear S3 Classic Bluetooth model stand alone limitations


In this video I try to show them limitations of the Samsung Gear S3 Bluetooth version, and why the LTE version will be a better choice for some people.

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  1. sending sms said connect to wifi, not bluetooth. so you can send sms, emails and do data things with wifi which is available almost everywhere now days.

  2. Why would the most critical functions be E-Mail, SMS and Phone calls? I use my Smartwatch standalone for Sports and Payment, the rest I don't do without a smartphone.

  3. If you are out of wifi zones, can you create a Mobile Hotspot on your phone. The watch can then join the "mobile wifi" created and therefore all functions work. Is this possible?

  4. non lte watches are pretty useless imo. makes them gimmicky with very little true functionality
    I have the frontier LTE and best purchase ever. I make several hours of calls a day on my watch …

  5. This guys is talking about this like people don't know a bluetooth/wifi only watch can't do anything with out bluetooth/wifi? Is he retarded? does he think everyone else is retarded?

  6. wasnt suggesting relying solely on a watch is a great idea no matter how advanced a watch won't be as advanced as a high end phone …

    but it's super convenient to be able to run in store , work out etc without carrying a phone around

  7. The Samsung website clearly states "Bluetooth model requires Wi-Fi connection and a voice call app for phone-free calls" seems pretty obvious to me. All down to end user.

  8. LTE isn't worth it for me. I always keep my phone with me and even if I ever forgot it, free wifi hotspots both the standard ones in restaurants etc, and those provided by my carrier, plus free WiFi from the city council in public buildings (I'm in Istanbul) LTE is unnecessary. You have overblown it's importance to most people in this video in my opinion, but some may need it, it's true. Plus the Bluetooth/WiFi version has much better battery life. LTE version has maybe 1.5 to 2 days. You can definitely get 3 to 4 days normal use from the non LTE watch.

  9. What kind of crap review is that? I mean: How DUMB do you have to be NOT to understand that using telephone functions won't work on a smartwatch without the phone?

  10. What did you think was going to happen when not connected to bluetooth or wifi. Useless video… I left my phone home one day last week so when I got to work I connected my Frontier to wifi & still got all my notifications & messages no problem at all…

  11. SMS, calls and emails obviously don't work without internet or being connected to the phone via bluetooth. Who the hell are the people just randomly forgetting to take their phone? I take my phone everywhere, so the watch is just as good as the LTE version but I dont need to pay an extra data plan

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