GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES – PlayStation Experience 2016: Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita


“GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” finally returns on PlayStation®4! The wolf bloodline is now carried over to the next generation!!


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  1. i would love to see a proper remake of Mark Of The Wolves with modern graphics, like the latest King Of Fighters game released for the PS4.

  2. Certainly, they existed.
    Those blinded by Ambiton.
    Those consumed with Vengeance.
    But here, the do not exist.
    Only Winners…
    …and Losers here…
    …for here…

  3. Yes,Kof 2002 u.m and Kof 11 (with somes old fatal fury stages Mai,Tung,Billy…bonus stages from fatal 2 on Kof 14).
    And a new 2D Slug…View point…Last resort..

    (I have a ps3 arcade stick…can I use it?)

  4. when THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UM comes out ? I ALL ready bought kof 99 ps3 kof 96 ps3 orochi saga PSP kof xi ps2 kof xii ps3 kof Xlll ps3 kof 2000 ps4 kof 94 ps4 SNK vs Capcom 2 ps3 and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV DELUXE EDITION BURN TO FIGH.

  5. Garou is a heavenly art. The gameplay and graphic can rival street fighter III, whilst still using old NEO GEO console: Capcom was already using third gen CPS 3 hardware for SFIII

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