Xbox One S vs $500 PC

Has the gap between PC and console graphics closed with the recent release of the Xbox One S?

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20 thoughts on “Xbox One S vs $500 PC

  1. "haha bro what do you got on me i got a 400k 10 million pixel (and other numbers to make me look smart), i run minecraft at 500 fps and have 900 terabytes and a water cooling fan, CONSOLE PEASENT" i dont really think we care if your pc crushes console

  2. Realistically, the only actual benefit to a console are the exclusives and that is on the way out the door with Microsoft's Play Anywhere and Playstation Now. The cons for a console massively outweigh that single benefit.

  3. well i cant say consoles are better coz of my ps3 experience but probably consoles are less likely to get fucked by viruses and for those who dont know how to build a pc its probably better

  4. $300 xbox one s vs a $1250 gtx 1070 pc. what a fair comparison! people who buy xbox one s are definitely idiots when they could be getting a great gaming pc for $1250. that's makes a lot of sense.

  5. It makes sense that they are comparing a 500$ PC to a 300$ console. Over the course of the lifespan of the Xbox One S, the user will certainly have paid the difference in terms of Xbox Live subscription. Of course there are games on PC that you have to pay monthly subscriptions, but these are instance based, whereas, a subscription to Xbox Live is a service that is required.

  6. I was thinking about building the $500 pc showcased in this video, but was wondering if it would be a good idea to maybe shell out a few extra dollars to upgrade to an rx480?

  7. jesus me from the stupidity……its lara croft, not laura croft. might want to show a bit more respect for a definitive character who's captured the imagination of millions of teenage boys for more than 15 years bro…fucking seriously..laura croft..phhh..amateur!

  8. If you're going to make a video in depth about the quality of the video, and then specifically tell viewers to go 1080p60, you should record your gameplay at a high enough bitrate to make it look half decent

  9. I play Xbox, PlayStation, and PC and like them all but I'm a little bias towards consoles since I played my first game on a PlayStation 1

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