Thanks to xbox for sending us this xbox one S for review! We really appreciate it!

This is me unboxing, setting up, and trying out our brand new Xbox One S (also known as the xbox one slim). We show off the box itself, its improvesments, and try some 4k content on the device. We also review the xbox one s and talk about who the box is for and who should buy it


  1. @Boogie2988 Great video but I had a 4k question for ya. I own a very high end LG 4k smart TV. Having said that I have netflix etc in 4k thru my TV natively. So if I am not going to use the Xbox One S for that 4k content would it really just be a standard xbox gaming machine in my usage model? I watched your PS4 Pro review and had the same sort of questions. I know not all 4k TVs are smart tvs but Im guessing with your job being what it is, your tv is probably very high end and would also have all these apps built in. Thanks for any answers.

  2. remember when there was no dlc, all you wanted were games to be fun and if they were it got around by word of mouth, now u got pre orders so devs can get paid and quit workin on it cause they already profit, i miss the ps2 days,we are now in the dark ages of gaming , #copyandpaste

  3. A little late but just got an Xbox One S the other day and am hooking up in the next few days, very excited to play it looks good!

  4. Francis, have you watched X Factor UK or do you watch it. There is one singer from Finland, Saara Aalto. He is pretty good singer.

  5. Just gotta say, whatever it is about this guy he just keep the viewer really interested. Great content and a very informed review

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