Xbox Holiday Update: Walkthrough

Larry Hryb speaks with Scott Henson from the Xbox Engineering team about many of the new features in the Xbox Holiday Update, including Clubs, Looking for Group, Achievement Rarity, Group Messages and more.

36 thoughts on “Xbox Holiday Update: Walkthrough

  1. All of these updates have been great, they always improve! Thanks Xbox, for having such a consumer-oriented approach and listening to the feedback of your community. Keep going in this direction!

  2. Anyone who joins the club I THE GREATEST I… The bars are capital i's… I will sub with 10 accs to their YouTube acc

  3. Add a Xbox one Badge as feature update to the system where you earn it my achievements and by going up 60 point score points to earn please add type of stuff the Xbox Scorpio and Xbox one


  4. My xbox went offline a month ago, and I kinda prefer it.
    Although looking for group would be amazing for Perfect Dark online, Samurai Showdown and classic Killer Instinct

  5. took me 20 minutes to finally get my xbox to sign me in and be connected to live, 3 hard resets later and alot of reconnecting to the internet now i have my internet back

  6. The update that shows % of players that have completed achievements is a little off I feel. I checked my fallout 4 and it says only 81% of players have gotten the "War Never Changes" Achievement which is when you leave the vault. That means 19% of players who own FO4 never got that far into it. I find it hard to believe.

  7. i havent had an xbox in so long, so i think of myself as a new person to xbox aha, with this feature, ill be sure to make friends in no time, im glad xbox did this feauture!.

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