Xbox Flashing Red Lights Explained and What to Do Next

The Xbox flashing red lights provide for error codes which give an indication of problems that may arise with an Xbox 360. Most Xbox errors are simple enough to fix as described in this article, there is no need to panic.

Xbox error codes

Just segment 4 flashing red indicates that a hardware fault exists. The type of hardware fault is indicated by the error code displayed on the video screen.

Only segments 1, and 3 flashing red indicates that the console is overheating. To resolve the issue, let the console cool naturally. When the console has cooled down, ensure that the fan is operating normally and that the console has not been placed in an enclosed area also ensure that the ventilation slots on the console are not obstructed.

Segments 1, 3, and 4 flashing red indicates “General Hardware Failure”. Before taking any drastic action, try restarting the console If this does not resolve the issue, turn the console off and remove and reconnect all the cables to the console and re power the console If that fails disconnect the console remove the hard disk drive and re power the console If segment 3 is no longer red, power down the machine and reconnect the drive an then turn on the console If this does not solve the problem then the console is exhibiting the infamous “Ring of Death”.

All four segment of the Xbox flashing red indicates that AV cable plugged into the console cannot be detected. To solve this problem ensure that the cable is correctly plugged into the console and if necessary clean the metal contact of the cable you may need a new AV cable.

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