Xbox 360 Repair: Opening the Console

Well, I had to fix my 360 again last night, so I decided to film a video about repairing it. The first step is obviously getting it open, and the Xbox 360 isn’t just held together with screws, so you’ll probably need some kind of guide to get it open (I know I did). You’ll need some screwdrivers, mainly a small flat one and a Torx T10 (for other parts you’ll also need a T8, such as to remove the ring of light/power button board or the X clamps).

As for those asking for step 2, I don’t think I can make one. Sorry. For one, I’m now in college so I have a lot of work to do and 2, my last fix attempt was 4 months ago, and luckily for me (sadly for you) my 360 has been running great ever since. I think I finally got it 100% fixed, so that means I won’t be opening it up to film part 2. Doesn’t matter, as there are plenty of RROD fix videos out there already, just look for them.

21 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Repair: Opening the Console

  1. after this point you need some basic training on electronics, it would be helpfull try to find blueprints for xbox360 if you can't find one it will take lot of patience to find broken part

  2. Faulty Xbox 360 w/ 3 Games, 1 Transfer Cable, 60GB Hard Drive + 3 Battery Packs for only $50.

  3. Dont do it on any types of carpet as you could get an electric shock try to do it on a kitchen cabnet or a wooden table because there is a good chance you will ruin the mother board and other important chips

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