XBOX 360 DASH UPDATE! 17511 (Xebuild Download Link In Bio)

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17511 official release, NiNJA update imminent in the next 10 minutes 🙂 – – Stand alone files: & – MD5s:

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22 thoughts on “XBOX 360 DASH UPDATE! 17511 (Xebuild Download Link In Bio)

  1. $300 for a new RGH? Man you're definitely getting ripped off. £80 here in the UK for a RGH/JTAG or $135 shipped from Cali.

  2. Yo i use your tool its soooooo good ily and i just bought my rgh today and then got online then update ahaa rip hopefully it comes out tomorrow…Can you please add my skype? rest_hazz…..need to talk Xd Thanksss

  3. I updated my rgh in I didn't get brick I updated so many times never got bricked I had my console for a year now in still in good condition

  4. I get "update" pop-ups a lot on my RGH, due to my RGH being kind of messed up but still works and such after I do the update just fine. So without thinking I booted it up this morning for the first time in a week, not knowing about the dash update crap. And needless to say I thought the update was another regular update, turns out it was the dash update I didn't know about and now my RGH won't even boot. Is there any other fix for it or is it completely dead?

  5. I don't have to have an account for it but I do have indernet for it but it made my 360 freez a lot less than before, before it freez s, up alot but now it's great,

  6. well am getting a ps3 this year so great gameing in my life and I have a good reason to skip the next gen consle s but it's good to get games that you can still

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