The First Step in Repairing Xbox 360 Malfunctions

Repairing the Xbox 360 is not difficult with some basic tools and a lot of attention to detail. However, if your console is still under warranty and you open the case, please be aware that this will permanently void any remaining warranty. This article will show you how to open your console without damaging components.

If you decide to use this or any do-it-yourself guide, please always make sure your console is unplugged from any source of power before trying to access the case interior. Repairing and maintaining your Xbox 360 is a fairly easy proposition. Let's take you through the steps to accessing the Xbox 360's interior.

You will first need a clean and stable workspace, which can consist of a soft, clean towel spread over a sturdy accessible table. By laying the console flat, gently remove the faceplate by squeezing the latches on either end of the faceplate and pulling it forward. The faceplate should just pop off, but be careful to not break the latches or exert too much pressure.

Next, remove the side panels by releasing the tabs using either a small, thin screwdriver or punch in the holes on either side of the case, being careful not to snap the tabs off. At this point it will be easy to see the metal chassis of the console and to begin removing the bottom part of the unit. Place a flat screwdriver on the tabs in the front and back and apply even pressure in order to release them. The screwdriver will need to be inserted between the white panels in order to access the back tabs.

You are now ready to remove the top portion of the case. This can only be done with a "torx" tool or driver. This tool is shaped like a star on the end, but if one is not available you can buy one at the local auto parts or hardware store. Now remove the 6 torx screws from the four corners and center of the console taking note of where the different length screws come from.

Now you can easily remove the DVD module and have access to the CPU and circuits underneath. All internal components are now within easy reach and basic repair can be performed. Some of the most common Xbox 360 problems deal with the DVD aspect, and these problems are often a simple DIY fix.

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