November Update Makes Xbox One FASTER + PSN Gets Hacked AGAIN.

New Update Brings More performance to Xbox one + Sony has been hacked again and hey refuse to return stolen Money to customers.



34 thoughts on “November Update Makes Xbox One FASTER + PSN Gets Hacked AGAIN.

  1. xbox are really helpful and kind especially in their live chat support they are ready to give you anything you want to make sure that you are happy, Sony doesn't even care about you they only care about $$
    XboxFTW :)

  2. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention. What were the details of said hacking? You mentioned it got hacked and then referenced people simply identifying costs they did not make on their own. So was the system actually recognized as hacked (this is the info I really want to hear about) or are people simply using social engineering to get into PSN users accounts? Which has nothing to do with hacking and everything to do with players simply being conned into giving access?

    Waiting on some real info on this… thanks.

  3. Omg no way i know how did this phantom group on xboxone they are trying to take xboxlive and psn offline on chrimtas for 44days

  4. the xbox one has improved so much since launch. They receive complaints or feed back from customers and they actually address these issues! The XB1S is selling great and the Scorpio will be huge. The PS4 Pro is getting mixed reviews (id even lean toward negative reviews) and i really think the scorpio will push the xbox brand ahead of sony. PS4 Pro seems to make you choose what you want to enhance… do you want 4k resolution or 60 fps? the scorpio will give you both.

  5. PSN is a total joke !! I'm so glad I chose to buy the xbox one , and not the PS4 !! = ) Maybe now the PSN fanboys will close their mouths , and open their ears when we try telling them that XBOX LIVE is far better , and that Microsoft actually gives a flying fuck about their customers !! = ) I hope this will be the last time the ball is dropped by PSN , and that this means it's extinction !! It's not fair to their customers to be selling total lemons in exchange for gold . I say that the folks who were ripped off by PSN should sue the shit out of them for it !! Bankrupt their asses , and then maybe something new and better will take their place . = )

  6. Performance boost? Sounds orgasmic. Being extorted because you were hacked and got your money back? Sounds tortuous. Personally? I'm using the Nintendo Switch. OMG! Portable Skyrim! Aauugghh! Seriously, Sony, get it together. If not, get raped and burned to death.

  7. I've had XBL for 8 years and I've not been hacked or known anyone to be hacked… That's why I'm scared to purchase Playstation 4….i think I'll stay with xbox for ever, They seem to know what they are doing.

  8. There will be no increase in performance game wise. They have already done all they can with the APU. Yes the UI can be sped up but that's it.

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