Multiplayer All-Access on Xbox One and Xbox 360: October 27-30

Calling all friends!
Play online with friends FREE AND enjoy a free game unlock of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on us!

43 thoughts on “Multiplayer All-Access on Xbox One and Xbox 360: October 27-30

  1. Hay Xbox company I was wondering if I could maybe get a Xbox one for free. Maybe one of the ones that where damaged after it was made but is in working condition. I am a big Xbox fan and can not afford a Xbox one limiting my Xbox gaming experience. Thank you and get back to me as soon as possible.

  2. just try to make it free, i love xbox, but, you only want money, and we dont have money, you have a lot of money, think in people who just want play videogames and dont have a lot of money, think in a better, a little better worl whit multiplayer free

  3. can we play borderland 2 on xbox 360 in coop with friend that are playing borderland 2 on xbox one ? for me its not seems to work yet

  4. How do I sign up. Do I need to sign up
    If not then why isn't it working
    I turned on my Xbox started up destiny(I know I know everyone hates it right now and I agree but the gameplay's still got me hooked) and when I tried to do the vault of glass it said I needed Xbox live gold

  5. Dear Xbox
    I don't know if you will read this but I believe Xbox live gold should be just for free games and special features and multiplayer is free but if you can't do that do free multiplayer weekend every month pls I love Xbox and really want multiplayer so the games I bought won't be wasted
    Gamer tag: invareant

  6. why cant we have online free people. with gold get more features and play with a better server and xbox live silver only party chat and multiplayer

  7. I'm so angry. You didn't keep the Borderlands the handsome collection free forever because I'm angry because I already own it for the xbox one and it won't let me play

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