How to Mod an Xbox 360 Controller For Rapid Fire

The hottest thing surrounding the Xbox 360 is to mod your controller into a rapid fire. (Mod means modify aka modification for those of you who aren’t down with the lingo.) By either buying one of these Xbox 360 rapid fire controllers or soldering it together yourself, you will gain a huge advantage over competition, whether it be other players, your friends, or the computer. And more than that, it’s just plain fun.

So I’m going to try to describe how to mod your controller yourself, although words can only go so far in achieving this. At the very least it should give you a better idea of what the rapid fire really is. Remember, though, it’s probably much easier to just buy one from someone who does this stuff for a living rather than to learn all about the process.

The first step is the easiest: unscrew the back of the controller. I think you can handle that. We need to get at the insides because we’re going to mess around with the actual circuit board in there.

Next you’ve got to remove the circuit board so you can get behind it, on the back of the controller. You’re going to make a little 5mm hole in back of where the actual modification is going to take place. This will eventually be where your new button will come out of.

The next step in engineering Xbox 360 rapid fire controllers is to install the button. Of course, you’ll need a button to do this, but you will have already gotten that and the other accessories, right?

After that you’ve got to carefully solder the new wires into place. This is the part where the process can’t be explained anymore, and if you really want to do it yourself (DIY) then you’ll have to consult some jpeg’s or video. There’s documentation in this form out there somewhere.

The final step in building your Xbox 360 rapid fire controllers involves a somewhat complicated process of refastening the two halves while getting the button into place. The button has to be solid so it won’t bobble around or fall out or in. And after that all you’ve got to do is plug your new rapid fire controller in (if it’s wired) and start playing some good old Call of Duty 4. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re cheating a bit. Keep it on the DL or else you’ll gain a lot of haters and that can have adverse consequences.

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